in Daoukro and Bonoua, demonstrations against a third mandate by Alassane Ouattara degenerated

Mamadou (pseudonym), who lives in the city center, in the “Gravier d’or” district a few meters from the home of Henri Konan Bédié, claims that he had to stand guard all night to protect his house.

according to a security source interviewed by AFP.

Photos of the injuries in Daoukro by our observer Armand.

In Bonoua, a city about 60 kilometers west of Abidjan, a demonstration by supporters of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), Laurent Gbagbo’s party, degenerated on Thursday, leaving a dead body after police repression. In retaliation, protesters got facts from the city police station and kidnapped their commissioner.

In videos showing the Commissioner being tasked by overly agitated protesters, one can hear a proposal to kill him when others ask for mercy from the crowd.

According to Serge Kpélé, national secretary of the FPI in the Sud-Comoé region, of which Bonoua is a part, contacted by our editorial staff, the commissioner had finally “saved his life because he was exterminated from the crowd and taken to the city’s royal court”. He details that “until then the demonstration had been peaceful”.

The information has been confirmed in a press releaseof Bleu Charlemagne, a spokesman for the police, who added a national television during an intervention to the RTI: “58 people were arrested. It is a manhunt committed in Bonoua The police can not tolerate these abuses in any way.”

Armand (pseudonym), a witness, said:

The protests began at 7 a.m. on Thursday. Protesters burned tires on the road and ransacked containers to prevent law enforcement from passing. They threw stones at them. The police used tear gas. She launched the gas on the courtyards of the houses. Young people then stormed the police station. But I was no longer there at that time. Bonoua is a stronghold of the front populaire ivory (FPI), Laurent Gbagbo’s party. It is the city of Simone Gbagbo, the former first lady who is an Abouré, the majority ethnic group in the city. On Friday, calm had returned, even though there are police everywhere. People have resumed their business.

On August 6, Alassane Ouattara announced that he wanted to run for his own legacy after the death of his runner, Amadou Gon Coulibaly, from a heart attack. But the Ivorian head of state in March expressed his desire to transfer power at the end of his second term. Although the Ivorian constitution limits the number of consecutive presidential terms to two, Alassane Ouattara believes that the adoption of a new constitution in 2016 will allow him to stand as a candidate. What his opponent disputes.

incidents has also been reported in Abidjan, the economic capital, where Ivorian police dispersed and arrested protesters. The situation is increasingly tense with the presidential election strategy on 31 October. In 2010, the crisis left 3,000 dead after the election.