In the United States, a worm returns to the heart of the duel between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

On Thursday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris centered their first day on a joint campaign on the issue of the anti-coronavirus worm, which they want to see mandatory nationally. For Donald Trump, the Democratic candidate “politicizes” only the pandemic.

The corona virus is still ubiquitous in the US presidential campaign. Donald Trump accused his Democratic rival Joe Biden on Thursday, August 13, of “politicizing” the Covid-19 pandemic and rejecting his call to wear mandatory masks in the country.

Former Vice President Barack Obama and new comrade Kamala Harris focused on the pandemic during their first day of joint campaign, and tried to fight Donald Trump over his handling of this great crisis.

With more than 166,000 deaths and five million registered cases, the United States has the heaviest toll in the world. And the health crisis has destroyed the world’s largest economy.

“Save over 40,000 lives”

After a briefing with public health experts, Joe Biden called on the governors of the 50 US states to “introduce the obligation to wear a mask now.” This could “save more than 40,000 lives” across the country, he told reporters from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

“We are in America. Be patriots. Protect your citizens,” the 77-year-old Democrat added, while Senator Kamala Harris, 55, listened to him from a distance and wore a black mask.

A “retrograde (…) and very defiant view”, Donald Trump reacted during his daily press conference in the White House about the pandemic and accused his rival of “politicizing the virus”. “Sleeping Joe prefers the scientific method to the idea of ​​locking all Americans in their basement for months,” he said, using the spitting nickname he gave his rival.

Political division

“We urged the Americans to wear masks. And I emphasized that it was a patriotic act,” the Republican billionaire continued, before questioning their effectiveness. “They may be amazing, maybe they’re just good, maybe they’s not that good, but honestly, what do you have to lose?”

Despite the experts’ recommendations, the wearing of the mask has been the subject of political division in the United States, Donald Trump has avoided wearing one in public until mid-July.

About thirty U.S. states have established obligations to wear the mask, especially indoors or in frequented outdoor areas. But in some epicenters, such as Florida or Georgia, the Republican governors did not want to introduce.

“Crazy woman”

It should be “up to public health professionals to lead our country’s policies to tackle this deadly pandemic”, Kamala Harris insisted.

Since the formalization of his appointment as a running mate, Donald Trump has had harsh words for the former Democratic primary candidate, reminding us that she had to give up the race even before the first vote. Kamala Harris is “a crazy woman,” he told Fox Business on Thursday.

The new democratic tandem leaves an advantage: Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump in national opinion polls – between 6 and 9 percentage points in the last 30 days, according to the average of the website RealClearPolitics – and in several important states.

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