Launch of 400 Taliban “danger to world” warns Afghan president

Afghan Prime Minister Ashraf Ghani warned on Thursday that the forthcoming release of 400 Taliban prisoners, whom he accused of being “hardened criminals” and drug traffickers, “was likely to pose a danger” to the world.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani warned on Thursday (August 13th) against the release of 400 Taliban prisoners to allow peace talks to begin with Kabul.

Peace has a cost and with this edition “we pay the bulk, which means that peace will have consequences”, warned the Afghan president during a video conference organized by a think tank in Washington, the State Department. Relations. The release of “hardened criminals” and drug traffickers will “likely pose a danger to us, to (the United States) and to the world,” he added.

Ashraf Ghani’s government will begin direct peace talks with the insurgents, who previously demanded the release of these 400 prisoners. But some of them have been involved in deadly attacks that killed Afghans and foreigners, including several French, and 44 of them are specifically monitored by the United States and other countries for their role in attacks on high-profile targets.

Still not released Thursday night

Kabul has already released almost 5,000 Taliban, but has so far refused to release the remaining 400 prisoners claimed by the insurgents. On Monday night, Ashraf Ghani signed a decree that they would be released within two days, but it had still not taken place on Thursday night.

According to an Afghan government official, the detainees will not be released until the Taliban have liberated Afghan soldiers they still hold. If they are released on Friday, Kabul will release the 400 insurgents, he told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Ashraf Ghani stressed that the Taliban will need to make compromises in the peace talks. “The Taliban must not seek dominance,” he said.

The Afghan president hinted that the talks could take a long time, citing the bilateral agreement signed in late February between the Taliban and the administration of President Donald Trump, which was keen to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan as soon as possible. “This period must be productive, as we all pray for, otherwise it can turn into destruction,” the Afghan president concluded.

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