Mourad Boudjellal throws in the towel at the acquisition of OM

In an interview with RMC Sport, Mourad Boudjellal announced that he withdrew from OM’s acquisition plan following the Ajroudi clan’s ultimatum.

The basic idea was something to be exciting but it is clear that OM is approaching a closer Kachkar 2.0 with Mohamed Ajroudi’s project. After taking the lead in the wing for a few weeks after Frank McCourt’s refusal to sell the club, the buyout operation took a new turn on Friday. In an interview with RMC Sport, Mourad Boudjellal simply announced his withdrawal from the operation, according to the methods used by his now ex-partners.

“It’s going to be a little unfair so I’m completely separating myself from this way and this way of communicating. Whatever it costs me, even if it happens tomorrow, it’s going to be done without me and it really does not matter.” I am not used to having this type of setting. The press release on Thursday is grotesque. I want to say that I have absolutely not participated in everything that has been said in a month “, in particular the uprising of the former president of RC Toulon.

Boudjellal: “Wingate bank is more like Watergate”

Assuming to become chairman of OM if the plan to buy back Ajroudi was accepted, Boudjellal finally chose to dissociate after the many ultimatums launched by the clan of the French-Tunisian businessman against McCourt.

“I found out about the press release and this ultimatum in the press. I thought it was completely crap. If someone says he refuses to sell his house, we will not give him an offer and he will send an ultimatum. It is completely stupid. An ultimatum only works when someone is a salesperson. “

After dreaming big about a project that would enable OM to reach the title of PSG and win on the continental stage, Marseille supporters are once again returned to sad reality. A failure that is partly due to the presence of new partners in the project. “These are people who know nothing about the sports world and who completely miss it,” condemns Boudjellal. is a pity. “

The playground now seems to be over at Canebière.