survival is organized in the ruined district of Karantina

The distribution of food and basic necessities is organized in the working-class district of Karantina, north of Beirut, despite the tensions that arise between the city’s various communities.

More than a week after the double explosion that destroyed part of Beirut, Lebanon, the inhabitants of the popular district of Karantinas are organizing, as best they can, to survive them. Every day, citizens face some basic necessities from NGOs (oil, margarine, sugar).

If the humanitarian crisis is just beginning, the first tensions between the various societies have arisen. Some Lebanese believe that they have priority over Syrian refugees, especially when distributing food. “Lebanese or Syrian, we are trying to give to everyone. Suffered damage,” said Theresa Bader, a member of the NGO Steps of Hope, France 24.

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The Syrian refugees welcomed in large numbers in Lebanon for several years and paid a large price during the double explosion in Beirut. Dozens of them died in the tragedy.