Dembélé, Lopes, Aulas … Reactions after Manchester City – Lyon (1-3)

It is necessarily full of enthusiasm that the players and staff of Olympique Lyonnais celebrated this qualifier against Manchester City (1-3)

Moussa Dembélé (Olympic striker at RMC Sport): “We knew it was going to be a tough game against a big team. It’s not easy when you’re on the bench but I thought I would give my all. We promised to give everything to the team. Break and that’s what we did.

The mentality has changed in the group. There is always sadness not to start but I tried to bring my stone to the building on the way home. We take matches after matches. There is no point in seeing yourself too beautiful, too fast. “

Anthony Lopes (Olympic goalkeeper at RMC Sport): “It’s unbelievable because we are clearly the surprised team. Nobody expected us at this level. We have the right to continue dreaming, to think we can do it. Our system has put a lot of effort into it. Good to play 5 behind.

We knew we were going to get opportunities and that we had to put them to the bottom. We are obviously happy to beat a club against Manchester City. We play football to experience such matches. Now we are in semis and we have to continue our little way. We will rest well and quietly rest for Bayern Munich. “

Jean-Michel Aulas (President of the Olympics at RMC Sport): “It’s wonderful. We have a team that has exceeded itself. We already had good players but the psychological side was missing. I am very happy tonight. It is fantastic to have gone through a qualifier against Juve and City. We know that Manchester City is a machine and that they should have gone so yes it is an achievement.It is also a resonance in relation to what has happened in months with this championship that stopped ten days from the end in a 7th place.

We have to emphasize the coaching of Rudi and the players’ will at the equalizer. I think Rudi is a boy who does his job well even though it has not been easy. He knew with humility and sometimes difficulty in doing his work and he made sure that this work allowed him this recognition so no, it is not a revenge, it is a confirmation. “

Maxwel Cornet (Olympic site at RMC Sport): “These are exceptional matches to play. We do not play quarterbacks every day. I score goals, it still falls on City but the most important thing is the work of the whole team. I like to play against it it is no coincidence that we are here. We worked well during the preparations and we saw it tonight, we made every effort.Criticism, it’s part of football, we just have to flip through the trend and that’s what I’ve been trying to do since I’d been to Lyon.Erated by other clubs? do not know, but they certainly did not expect us at this humility to be able to perform this type of performance.We know the offensive power of Bayern Munich and it will necessarily be a complicated game.We must have the same desire like tonight. “

Rudi Garcia (Olympic coach at RMC Sport): “Proud of my troops, proud of my players. We believed in ourselves, that we could achieve a feat. We only took one goal and that depends on the team spirit in the group. Moussa was disappointed but as I said before the match I knew he would be crucial when he came in. I’m glad he did twice because he had not yet scored in the competition.

With Pep, you have to expect everything. We knew he could put something together to destabilize us, but we can say we won the tactical battle. After Leipzig, we especially wanted to be in the 16th round and that was what we had achieved. If we show that mindset, we can do something about Bayern.

Get adopted? I try to give the best of myself wherever I go so I try here. I want to be happy with my players and my bosses and if people like me it’s always better. We lack our supporters, but when we held the press conference, I let Houssem Aouar speak because he is a player with a club identity. “