postal voting can saturate the postal service

Due to a lack of resources, the US Postal Service warned individual states on Saturday that they could not guarantee that all sent votes for the presidential election in November will be in time to be counted. A situation condemned by Democrats and Republicans.

The state of New Jersey, in the eastern United States, is preparing, on Saturday, August 15, to send millions of votes to its voters, and the election on November 3 is largely due to the postal environment. According to a New York Times survey, 76% of Americans who can vote say they want to do so by mail, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the flow of mail may saturate the US post office with a warning: it will not be able to guarantee that all votes will arrive on time and on time. The US Post is in fact in a difficult financial situation, and Donald Trump refuses to release $ 25 billion in support negotiated before Congress.

“Attempt to Suppress Trump Administration Voters”

Although DonaldnTrump sends his own ballots by mail, he has repeatedly criticized efforts to get more people to do so. According to the US President, this will lead to an increase in election fraud that could cost him the election.

His Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, accuses him of sabotaging an election he knows he lost in advance. Many politicians, whether Democrats or Republicans, are urging the president to change his mind.

“This is a profoundly worrying development in what is becoming a clear pattern for the Trump administration’s attempts to oppress voters,” Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam said in a statement. “I am determined to ensure that all Virginians have access to the votes and I will continue to work with state and federal lawmakers to ensure a safe, secure and accessible election this fall.”

The USPS director reportedly called for cost savings

Kim Wyman, the Republican secretary of state for Washington State, where all votes are cast by mail, said that by sending ballot papers to millions of voters, there is an “operation. Routine for the U.S. Postal Service.” In fact, “politicizing these administrative processes is dangerous and undermines public confidence in our choices,” she said in a statement. “This volume of work is not at all unusual and it is an operation that I have no doubt the US Postal Service is sufficiently prepared to carry out.”

Democrats also criticize the head of the United States Postal Service (USPS), a businessman close to Donald Trump. According to them, Louis DeJoy would have asked for cost reductions to slow down mail delivery, while many streets that brake mailboxes have suddenly been removed in some states such as Oregon, Montana and Indiana.

With Reuters