3 new suspicions of Covid-19 at OM

In a statement, OM said Sunday night that three new players are suspected of having contracted coronavirus.

Of course, cases of coronavirus infections have increased in French clubs right now, while Ligue 1 is leaving in just four days. This Sunday night, it is OM who revealed to have suspected sick players within them. And they are 3 in number.

“If these cases were confirmed, they would bring this number to four cases in the last four days. The club contacted the LFP Commission planned for this purpose tonight “, said the club in Marseille in a statement.

The match against ASSE threatened

Last Thursday, it was Jordan Amavi who tested positive and placed isolated by the club. This had led to the termination of the last method of friendship for the season against Stuttgart. Despite the measures taken, including daily tests, the virus would therefore have continued to circulate within the professional workforce. And it’s not just the first team that is affected. Several positive cases had also been diagnosed earlier at the training center and also within the administration.

OM is as a reminder worried about the season’s games. On Friday, Payet and the other ball open with a duel against AS Saint-Etienne. With today’s news, it is very likely that the meeting will be postponed by the governing bodies.