Sevilla – Manchester United (2-1), Sevilla advance to the Europa League final

Sevilla FC were invited to the final of the Europa League on Thursday by taking over Manchester United (2-1).

In 48 hours, the city of Manchester saw its two clubs emerge from the European cups and give up their hopes of inauguration in August. After City, it was United who were defeated. Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s team lost to a very good team from Sevilla (1-2). But it was the English who were the first to score in this match. And they are the ones who have the upper hand over the debates during most of the 90 minutes.

After a foul by former Nantes player Diego Carlos in the area, the referee awarded the Red Devils a penalty in the 8th minute. Bruno Fernandes gave himself content to his heart to transform him and sign his 20th decisive gesture with the team. Usually when Portuguese points win MU. This time it was not. Pogba and his teammates were not overthrown by a very realistic Andalusian group, not realistic enough at the helm.

United wasted too much in front

It was Suso, the former member of AC Milan, who started about Lopetegui’s team. After 28 minutes, a mistake by the home side’s left defense allowed Sergio Regulion to get through. An equalizer that restored the Spaniards’ confidence. Martial (33rd) and Mason Grenwood (46th) then wasted ammunition before the break, and when he returned from the locker room, the former Monegasque boat missed twice (50th and 55th). A blatant lack of efficiency and who pays cash at this level.

After laying down without breaking, Sevilla managed to secure the victory. In the 78th minute, a fantastic collective gave him the coveted qualifier. Luuk De Jong was at his finish, with a perfect recovery after an equally clinical cross from Jesus Navas. It was 2-1 and United did not recover. The English had neither the strength nor the mind to fight back.

While the Mancunians wept, the Sevillians were cheering at the final whistle. Logically, when we secure a sixth final in C3 within fifteen years. Until then, the Andalusian team has always lifted the cup. Will it be the same next week?