United Arab Emirates: the first concrete sign of the agreement, the phone rings

Three days after the agreement signed by Israel and the United Arab Emirates, the telephone link between the two states was established on Sunday, a symbol of the newly established diplomatic relations.

The telephone link between the United Arab Emirates and Israel began operating on Sunday, August 16, as the two countries have just opened diplomatic relations.

Journalists from the American news agency AP in Jerusalem and Dubai could call each other from landlines and cell phones.

The first concrete sign of the agreement

So far, in the United Arab Emirates, an association of seven emirates located on the Arabian Peninsula, a recorded message in Arabic and English has been sent saying that calls to + 972, the telephone code for Israel, could not be completed.

The advent of Internet calls made it possible to circumvent the ban, even though these were often interrupted. Some in Israel used Palestinian mobile numbers, to which calls from the United Arab Emirates were allowed.

The connection of the telephone service represents the first concrete sign of the agreement between the Emirates and the Israelis.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced on Thursday that they would establish full diplomatic relations during a transfer of the United States that demanded that Israel end its disputed plan to annex the occupied countries of the West Bank.

With AP