Donald Trump was accused of wanting to destroy the US post in order to win the presidential election

While a austerity plan aimed at the US Post Office continues to be in full swing, opponents of President Donald Trump accuse him of doing everything in his power to ruin the service and thus make postal voting impossible. The tenant in the White House considers it really favorable for his opponent Joe Biden.

The American Post made a sensational entry into the US election campaign. Donald Trump is accused by his opponents of doing everything in his power to destroy it in order to make a postal vote impossible, which according to him can benefit his opponent Joe Biden.

Late mail, mailboxes are being removed from the streets … Democratic congressmen have asked the head of the US Post Office, Louis DeJoy, to come and explain these austerity measures, while the President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, intends to organize a vote on a text intended to protect the postal services. Several states are considering legal action in this regard.

Democrats suspect Louis DeJoy, a businessman who is one of the Republican Party’s biggest donors, of wanting to play Donald Trump’s game. He will therefore be reviewed by Congress on August 24 along with USPS President Robert Duncan.

According to Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, the U.S. president wants to “discourage people from voting by post because he thinks it will be unfavorable to him. That’s pathetic. It’s not what you expect from a president in the United States. The United States.” he condemns on Sunday on the ABC channel.

Covid-19 presses for voting in the mail

“We are in the midst of a pandemic, Mr President, and people must not have to put their lives in line, get sick and maybe die to vote,” Bernie Sanders added.

Postal voting, which has been used for several years in the United States, will be more widespread for the November 3 presidential election, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But Donald Trump opposes it and shouts for the announced fraud. And the campaign has crystallized in recent days around the US Post Office, USPS.

This has been led since the spring by Louis DeJoy, a close friend of Donald Trump. The latter is drastically implementing reforms that are intended to bring back accounts for the post office, which has been in deficit since 2008.

In this context, sorting machines that are considered obsolete have been removed, mailboxes have been removed from the streets and mail arrives late because postal employees can no longer work overtime.

The USPS has already warned that it could not deliver millions of votes on time, which can therefore not be taken into account, according to the Washington Post.

“Start the post office to prevent people from voting”

Opponents of these reforms see Donald Trump’s hand in preventing postal voting.

“We do not want our hands tied to a policy that slows down the mail,” Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), said in an interview with AFP.

For him, “the president wants to starve the post office to prevent people from voting. […] Everyone should have access to the easiest way to vote, no matter who they vote for. “He then assured that postal workers” will do their utmost to prioritize the votes “and ensure that” they arrive on time to be counted.

Vote by mail, a “disaster,” according to Donald Trump

Donald Trump reiterated to journalists on Saturday, August 15, that postal voting would be a “disaster”, but assured that he did not seek “at all” to prevent the smooth running of the public service. He also defended Louis DeJoy, a “fantastic man”.

The Democratic opposition has been asking for months for this public service to be rescued, whose white and blue vans roam US roads and push open the door.

For the first time, on Friday, August 14, Donald Trump had indicated that he could decide to fund the postal service: “That’s not what I want, that’s what the American people want.” He had so far refused to pay a penny and even made it clear on Thursday on Fox News that he did not want to save the USPS, so that it was “not equipped” for “a generalized postal vote.”

His Democratic White House rival Joe Biden had then spat at him: “Pure Trump. He does not want elections.” Former President Barack Obama also responded: “We have never seen a president say before, ‘I will bring the postal service to its knees. […] and I will clearly say why ‘”.

“This support must be turned into action,” Mark Dimondstein pleaded, urging elected officials in Congress to adopt the $ 25 billion emergency aid proposed by Democrats.

With AFP and Reuters