Former Spanish King Juan Carlos has found exile in the United Arab Emirates

The 82-year-old former monarch, who has always had close ties to the Gulf monarchies, is in the United Arab Emirates, the Spanish royal house said on Monday.

The subject of much speculation, the residence of the former King of Spain Juan Carlos, who went into exile, is now known. The former monarch, who left his country in early August, pursued on suspicion of embezzlement, is in the United Arab Emirates, the Spanish Royal House announced on Monday, August 17. The 82-year-old ex-ruler “traveled to the United Arab Emirates on August 3 and will remain there,” a spokesman for the royal household said without further clarification.

The former monarch had announced on August 3 that he had moved away from his country to “facilitate the exercise” of his functions to his son Felipe VI, at a time when the Swiss and Spanish courts were reviewing his bank accounts. Juan Carlos had made it known through his lawyer that he remained available for justice when needed.

No investigation so far is directed at Juan Carlos himself, but allegations of a former mistress, Corinna Larsen, passed on by the press, aroused the curiosity of a prosecutor in Geneva about the fortune he would have placed in accounts secrets in Switzerland. The former king, who has close ties to the Gulf monarchies, reportedly received $ 100 million from Saudi Arabia in 2008.

Suspicion of illegal assignments

Prosecutors at the Spanish Supreme Court are investigating whether the conclusion of a contract for the construction of a high-speed train in Saudi Arabia would have given rise to illegal assignments and whether Juan Carlos would have benefited from them, says Corinna Larsen.

The press revelations about the investigation followed each other, which increased the pressure on the Royal House, which encouraged the former sovereign’s departure abroad with the government’s consent. This departure into exile was not well received in Spain. According to a survey published on Sunday by ABC, a newspaper that is favorable for the krona, 56% of a sample of 802 people fail. And 61% think it hurts their son.

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Anti-monarchist parties, including the radical left Podemos which is part of the government, condemned a “leak”.

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