In the United States, Democrats are opening their online convention to invest in Joe Biden

The health crisis demands, former US Vice President Joe Biden will be officially nominated as a candidate in the presidential election against Donald Trump for a Democratic convention held entirely online. Former First Lady Michelle Obama will be among the first speakers on Monday for the opening.

Outraged by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Democratic convention will make Joe Biden the official candidate for the party in the US presidential election in November, Monday, August 17, for four days in an unprecedented format.

The ongoing health crisis has forced Democrats to abandon the originally planned rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and replace it with a series of two-hour video conference speeches that were broadcast early in the evening.

Speakers announced Monday include Bernie Sanders, an independent Vermont senator and former opponent of Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic nomination, former lady Michelle Obama or Republican John Kasich, a former Ohio governor who ran for the Republican nomination. against Donald Trump 2016.

Young New Yorker elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most important voices in the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party, will also speak at Congress. The Democratic Party hopes that this opening parade will underscore the unity of the anti-Trump coalition, following the 2016 convention marked by a long-running outrage between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

US presidential election: an unprecedented democratic convention

The rising stars of the party performed

The organizers also announced that 17 young politicians who were considered rising stars of the party would participate in the traditional opening speech and thus hope to renew the dissatisfaction of some young Latin American activists who felt that their speaking time had been too limited.

Joe Biden, who will be formally invested on Tuesday, will give the closing speech of the congress on Thursday. Her running friend, Kamala Harris, the first black woman to appear on the president’s “ticket”, will give a speech on Wednesday after her inauguration.

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According to the organizers, the first night of the Democratic Congress will also be an opportunity to present portraits of Americans in the face of the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This convention is an opportunity to highlight, in front of a large audience, the failures of the Trump administration that the Americans are suffering from,” said Ed Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania and Joe Biden, a longtime friend. .

A challenge to tense the crowds

In the absence of the crowds of supporters who traditionally run these conferences, the organizers face the challenge of building momentum for the campaign and building enthusiasm around the Democratic candidate.

Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump in national polls conducted before the bipartisan conventions. For his part, the current White House tenant will be formally invested to become a candidate for a second term at the Republican Party conference next week.

Eager not to leave the field open for his opponent, Donald Trump is planning campaign visits to four states in the coming days that could be crucial in the fight for the White House. He will travel to Minnesota and Wisconsin on Monday, Arizona Tuesday and Thursday to Scranton, Joe Biden’s hometown, Pennsylvania.

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