Inter – Antonio Conte: “The word fear does not exist among my players”

The Inter Milan coach seemed motivated at a press conference ahead of the Europa League semi-final against Chakhtior Donetsk.

If Sevilla FC defeated Manchester United (2-1) on Sunday night in the first semi-final of the Europa League in Cologne, the Andalusians still do not know the identity of their future opponents. And for good reason, Chakhtior Donetsk and Inter Milan will meet each other this Monday night to in turn win their place in the competition final. Antonio Conte, the Milanese coach, seemed motivated at a press conference, with confidence in his team against the Ukrainians.

“Show that we are in the semifinals for the right reasons”

“The word fear does not exist with my players or with me. We have a lot of respect for Chakhtior, because we know we will face a team that has a tradition in Europe with players with great talent.”, the technician first explained to the media in Germany. Still, Inter will fight.

Sevilla advance to Europa League final (2-1)

“We have trained well because we know he is a solid opponent that we will meet on our way. We will meet them with great respect and know that we want to show that we are in the semifinals for the right reasons. We will fight to reach the final “, he added. Kick off at 21:00