Lautaro Martinez and Lukaku carry Inter Milan against Shakhtar Donetsk (5-0)

In its own style, Inter Milan have shown realism to crush Shakhtar Donetsk (5-0) and offer themselves their fifth Europa League final.

After missing a point behind Juventus Turin in Serie A, Inter Milan have made the Europa League their main focus. After doing the work in the quarterfinals, the Milan club had a hard time meeting Shakhtar, a regular in the competition. Without being flamboyant as often with Antonio Conte, Nerazzurri has validated his ticket to the final (5-0) and joins Sevilla FC thanks to doubles from Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku and a realization by Danilo D’Ambrosio.

To say that Inter do not deserve their victory is tough. No, Inter made it 3-5-2. A first big block when the first opportunity was right. Much less successful since the rumors of FC Barcelona, ​​Lautaro Martinez came out of his hole at the best of times and took a magnificent headline from a center deposited from Barella (1-0.18).

Martinez and Lukaku are still deciding

The author of only three goals since the resumption of Serie A, the Argentine has scored almost as many in this half. He offered himself a fifteen minute twice from the end that validated Milan’s presence in the final. It was the evening at Martinez that offered the luxury of throwing on a Lukaku plateau for 4-0 (79th). Belgium also offered a double in the final minutes, all in power (5-0, 83).

A first final since the victory in 1998 which marks Martinez’s seal but especially by Conte. The Italian technician won his tactical battle against the Ukrainian club. Inter Milan did not have the ball (37%) but showed offensive efficiency (5 goals in 9 shots on goal). We knew them less well and finally D’Ambrosio calmed everyone down, which made the break at the hour mark (2-0, 63rd).

A blow to the Shakhtar boss who has not yet had 50 chances despite his possession. Marcos Antonio made Samir Handanovic shake (43rd) but Milan’s goalkeeper spent a more than quiet evening. One thing is for sure now, it is a real contradiction of style that will take place next Friday in Cologne.