outdoor nightclubs closed and mandatory mask in the evening

Italy announced on Sunday the closure of outdoor discos and made masks mandatory at night in public places, to prevent the recovery of the coronavirus pandemic.

Italy will close its nightclubs in the open air and make the wearing of masks mandatory in public spaces at night in an attempt to stop the resumption of the coronavirus epidemic observed in recent weeks, especially among young people, the authorities announced on Sunday 16 August.

Minister of Health Roberto Speranza signed a decree from Monday 17 August, which orders that masks be worn between 06.00 and 18.00 in public places where “group formation” takes place. The decree also suspends discos and outdoor nightclubs.

The new measures will apply from Monday and at least until the beginning of September. “We can not destroy the victims who have been made for months. Our priority is to open the schools in September under the best security conditions,” commented Health Minister Roberto Speranza on his Facebook account.

Doubling of cases

The first European country to be hit hard by the virus last winter, Italy saw the number of new cases double within three weeks and the average age of patients drops below 40, according to data from health services. Italy registered 479 new cases of contamination on Sunday 16 August, after 629 on Saturday.

But Italy is still relatively spared the threat of resuming the epidemic that is taking shape in several European countries.

The weekend “Ferragosto” is marked by excursions in nightclubs

Rome is trying in its own way to stop this summer boom at the end of “Ferragosto”, the holy weekend of August 15th. The government fears that nightlife, which is in full swing during “Ferragosto”, will help explode the pollution.

A resilience between the government and the regions over the dry issue of nightclubs, which is normally crowded at this time.

Conversely, the regions were shown divided. Calabria has ordered that all dance venues be closed. Sardinia, on the other hand, has kept everything open. Between the two, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna have increased inspections. Tuscany demanded identical rules for everyone.

Closed discos have never been allowed to reopen, to silence a sector that employs nearly 50,000 people for 3,000 nightclubs, according to the union for nightclub managers (Silb).

Italy, the first country in Europe to be affected by the epidemic, has registered 254,000 cases of Covid-19 and more than 35,000 deaths.

With AFP and Reuters