Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou: “What the city will be tomorrow, Africa will decide”

The “Smart City” concept continues to gain momentum on a global level. These models are based on new technology to make cities more intelligent. To talk about it, Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou, architect and anthropologist, is our guest. Given the origins of the Hub Cité – an unprecedented experiment in technological democracy in the Togolese capital Lomé – he believes that Africa will play a crucial role in shaping tomorrow’s cities.

Also in the summary: the mobilization towards the concretization of Dakar Corniche. Rivers and activists are protesting against the spread of coastal structures in the Senegalese capital. They are concerned about the environmental and social consequences of this country predation.

Finally, is the former Ivorian colonial capital Grand-Bassam in danger? This more than a century old city is full of architectural wonders that have long been neglected. Its magnificent heritage falls into ruins and the authorities are now mobilized to preserve it.