the number of feminicides increasing in 2019, according to official figures

According to the French Interior Ministry, 146 women were killed by their husbands or former companions in 2019 – 25 more than in 2018 – mostly at the home of the couple, the victim or the perpetrator.

One hundred and forty-six women were killed in 2019 in France by their husband or former companion, 25 more than last year, according to figures from the survey of the delegation to the victims published Monday by the Ministry of Interior.

Twenty-seven men were also killed within the couple, a total of 173 deaths. This represents, on average, one death every other day. However, 2019 was a year of awareness on the subject, declaring “big reason for the five-year period” for Emmanuel Macron, with especially a Grenelle against domestic violence during the autumn.

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According to the study, the victim is generally a woman of French nationality, aged 30 to 49 or over 70 and no longer trains or no longer works. Following the fall of Grenelle this autumn, Parliament finally adopted a bill at the end of July aimed at “better protecting victims of domestic violence”.

Grenellen “allowed a real awareness and mobilization of the whole society before domestic violence. Before Grenellen knew 8% of the population 39 19 (help number, editor’s note); it is now more than 64% “, insists Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate for Citizenship in a press release signed with Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and Minister Delegate for Equality between Women and Men, Élisabeth Moreno.” Better identification and better protection of victims, better punishment of aggressors is therefore (…) my priorities “, says the latter.

A majority of murders at the couple’s home

This text, which specifically introduces an exemption from medical confidentiality in the event of “immediate danger”, constitutes the second legislative component of an arsenal intended to infringe on domestic violence. A first series of measures had already been adopted by the end of 2019, including the generalization of the anti-reconciliation bracelet against violent spouses and ex-spouses, which should be implemented in September.

According to the study, the majority (76%) of the murders take place in the couple’s home, the victim or perpetrator, 31% are motivated by an argument and 20% by an unacceptable separation. According to figures from the ministry, 36% of the murders were committed with knives and 24% with firearms.

The collective “Feminicides by companions or ex“identified 152 cases in 2019. Based on this, AFP conducted checks throughout 2019 with the police and gendarmerie, magistrates, lawyers, mayors or relatives of the perpetrators and victims. AFP counted at least 126 cases last year. In a dozen more cases, investigations have not proved that it really was a feminicide.

Since January 2020, at least 46 suspected feminicides have been identified, according to an AFP number.

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