Michelle Obama leads the indictment against Donald Trump

On the first day of a virtual convention calling for a pandemic, Democrats insisted on the triple health, economic and racial crisis the United States is going through. After two hours of a well-made program that lacked spontaneity, former First Lady Michelle Obama woke viewers with a passionate defense of Joe Biden.

“An unconventional convention.” Actress Eva Longoria Baston summed up the situation well, on Monday 17 August, by presenting the first evening of the Democratic Conference 2020. The event, which should have been held with great fanfare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been changed into a TV show halfway between the phone and Oscar .

For two hours, viewers were treated to a long democratic campaign clip. It began when tradition dictated with the national anthem, performed at a distance by smiling children from every state in the country. Enough to talk cynics and cry blue flowers.

Difficult training

Average Americans then offered their feelings on the country’s situation to the camera, and several party figures gave political speeches mixed with musical interventions. Without forgetting the essential request for funding for the campaign.

Democrats, like Republicans next week, had no choice. They relied on performances mostly short and rhythmic so as not to lose the audience’s attention. To compensate for the absence of an audience that followed the speakers, the producers filmed dozens of Americans applauding live from their living rooms. But the exercise was difficult and the lack of spontaneity was felt quickly. It is difficult to imagine four days in a row on an identical model.

Trump is “overwhelmed by events”

The party could still count on the oratorical performance of Michelle Obama, the former first lady to remain extremely popular with Democrats. In an 18-minute pre-recorded address, she crushed Donald Trump, “not the right president for our country” and a man “overwhelmed” by events.

“If you just have to take one thing from my speech tonight, here it is: if you think the situation can not get worse, believe me, it can get worse and it will get worse if nothing changes in this election,” warned Michelle Obama. “We must vote for Joe Biden as if our lives depended on it,” she prayed, sometimes on the verge of tears. “He will tell the truth and trust science,” she said.

George Floyd’s family invited

The intervention of the daughter of a Donald Trump voter who died of Covid-19 at the age of 65 was another highlight of the evening. “His only medical history was to believe Donald Trump and it cost him his life,” Kristin Urquiza said. Shortly afterwards, a black and white clip honored the memory of the nearly 170,000 American victims of the pandemic.

The health crisis, but also the economic crisis that followed and the fight against racial injustice restored by the death of African-American George Floyd – whose family has said a few words from Houston – were the three main themes for the evening.

Bernie Sanders justifies the progressive camp

To overcome these trials, the guard was a unit. “Donald Trump is leading us down the path of authoritarianism,” warned socialist Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden’s ex-rival in the premiere. “As long as I live, I will work with progressives, moderates and, yes, conservatives, to save this nation from a threat that so many of our heroes have fought,” the Vermont senator added.


Bernie Sanders tried to make sure his supporters did not shy away from the “establishment” candidate, as was the case in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. For this, he was the only one, Monday night, who detailed the progressive measures in Joe Biden’s program, such as the minimum wage of $ 15 an hour, the 12 weeks of parental leave or promises of 100% energy. cleans within 15 years.

John Kasich brings together anti-Trump Republicans

At the other end of the political spectrum, former Republican Gov. John Kasich also spoke in support of Joe Biden. “America is at an intersection,” he said, pushing the metaphor to be filmed on the ground … at the intersection of two lanes. “Yes, there are areas where Joe and I do not agree, but it’s okay, it’s America,” he said, urging his supporters to “take off their hats” partisans and put the nation first.

The latest opinion polls place Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump with an average of eight or nine points. If this gap narrows compared to last month, no Democratic candidate has had such a 24-year lead. The party therefore tries to stay the course by uniting its message as much as possible. To do this, he intends to take advantage of his three extra evenings for congress in Prime time. Donald Trump, for his part, confirmed that he would accept his nomination next week during a speech at the White House.