the postmaster’s chief interrupts reforms criticized by Democrats

The head of the US postal services, a close friend of Donald Trump, announced on Tuesday the interruption of the austerity measures he had initiated, until the presidential election in November. Democrats accuse him of trying to slow down the distribution and collection of mail, thus obstructing the postal vote that the Republican president is careful about.

Louis DeJoy backs up. The director of the US Postal Services, close to Donald Trump, announced on Tuesday, August 18, that the suspension of any change in the level of postal services until the presidential election in November. He therefore criticizes Democrats who feared that the postal vote would be disrupted in favor of the Republican president.

“I will suspend these initiatives until the end of the election,” said Louis DeJoy, who has been head of the United States Postal Service (USPS) since the spring. He said changes “before (his) arrival” had “raised concerns as the country prepares to hold elections in the midst of a devastating pandemic.”

Several voices have been raised in recent days against Donald Trump, accused of trying to slow down the postal vote that he thinks is favorable for his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, who is in front of him in the election rallies. Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that an increase in the number of mail proposals would lead to more fraud.


His opponents believe that the president is above all convinced that postal voting can be beneficial to his opponents by reducing the turnout traditionally observed among voters from minorities and working classes, who are meant to lean towards the democratic side.

Planned courier reforms, intended to save money but threaten to slow down deliveries, included a reduction in overtime as well as new sorting and delivery policies.

“The post office is ready today to handle election mail that it will receive this fall, regardless of volume,” Louis DeJoy assured Tuesday. “We will deliver the ballot within the allotted time (…). Americans must know that it is our priority until election day,” he promised.

Vote in the House

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, said announcements from Louis DeJoy, a major Republican donor, were insufficient and that the House was still planning to approve a mail proposal on Saturday.

“This pause only stops a limited number of ‘Postmaster’ actions, does not erase the damage that has already been done and is not enough on its own to ensure that voters are not deprived of their rights by the President this autumn.” Nancy Pelosi said in a statement . “The House will move forward with our vote on Saturday,” she added.

Louis DeJoy must also be heard on Friday by a Senate committee and Monday in the House.

With Reuters and AFP