Christophe Girard, former assistant to Anne Hidalgo, directed by an investigation into rape

Already criticized for his connections to pedophile writer Gabriel Matzneff, the former deputy mayor of Paris Christophe Girard is in turn directed at an investigation into “rape” that was opened on Tuesday by justice after revelations from the New York Times. The elected representative responded by announcing his temporary withdrawal from Parliament.

Christophe Girard is now in the sights of justice. The Paris prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday, August 18, the opening of an investigation into the “rape” of the former deputy mayor of Paris, following revelations from the New York Times. In an article in the American daily newspaper, a man accuses Christophe Girard of having originally been in an abusive relationship with him when he was a minor. Already questioned about his connections with pedophile writer Gabriel Matzneff, the elected official responded by announcing his temporary withdrawal from the Paris Council, one month after leaving his posts as deputy to Culture, on 24 July.

“For the sake of calm and the fact that the majority works well in the Paris Council, I proposed to Anne Hidalgo (…) my withdrawal for the time of the preliminary investigation and to better defend myself”, announced through his lawyer the elected to the Paris Council and City Council at XVIIIe City.

Christophe Girard, 64, is now accused by a man who claims to have been the victim of an abusive relationship with him when he was a minor in the 1990s. Elucontest for his part every sexual relationship with him.

Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz had earlier on Tuesday announced that an “investigation has been launched into investigating suspected rape by authorities”. But the prosecutor specified that the investigations should determine, in addition to the accuracy of the accusations, whether “the regulation of the public document is acquired” in view of the ancient facts.

“He used my youth for his sexual pleasures”

In an article published by the New York Times, Aniss Hmaïd told the American daily that he had met Christophe Girard in Tunisia in the summer of 1989, when he was 15 years old. According to him, he would then have been drawn into an abusive relationship of almost ten years which left him “permanent psychological wounds”.

Now 46, he accuses ChristopheGirard of having sexually assaulted him for the first time at the age of 16 during a trip to the United States and of forcing him to have sex about twenty times in the following years.

In exchange, AnissHmaïd assures that ChristopheGirard sometimes employed him as a servant in his summer residence in the south of France and “got temporary jobs for him in the Yves Saint Laurent house”, of which he was one of the most important leaders.

Four members of his entourage confirmed to the American newspaper “that he had revealed to them abuse against Mr Girard almost twenty years ago”.

“He exploited my youth, my young age and all this for his sexual pleasure,” explained the American newspaper AnissHmaïd, which considered condemning ChristopheGirard to the authorities but was discouraged by his mother, who considered him “too powerful.”

No complaint

The former right-wing man for Mayor Anne Hidalgo, a pillar in the municipality’s 20 years, had condemned from Sunday the accusations “serious” and “without cause”. He then announced a defamatory dismissal complaint.

“The person implicating Christophe Girard has not lodged a complaint, not even today, and she preferred to contact journalists,” the AFP’s lawyer for politicians, M, responded on Tuesday.e Delphine Meillet. “One can imagine that he did not want to be confronted with the judicial institution, which judges with impartiality and wisdom, and he favored the justice of the media.”

For mee Meillet, “the prosecutor feels obliged to launch an investigation into the media pressure (…). But legally it does not take a single second”, she believes, especially since AnissHmaïd claims to have been “consenting”, while being said to have been caught in a “tool”.

Anne Hidalgo “satisfied” with the initiation of the investigation

At Paris City Hall, the opening of this inquiry led the last supporters of Christophe Girard within the majority to change tone.

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said in a tweet that she was “pleased” with the start of the investigation. She then recalled her “unsurpassed support for all rape victims”.

A change of position for the mayor of Paris. After a demonstration by ecologists and feminists on July 23 under the windows of the Hôtel de Ville condemning Christophe Girard’s support for Gabriel Matzneff, AnneHidalgo had expressed “everything [son] affection and [son] support for [son] friend Christophe Girard, victim of a wave of hatred and unacceptable violence “.

Standing ovation to the Council in Paris

Christophe Girard had resigned as deputy the day after the demonstration. Following this decision, the Paris Council and the Paris Police Chief, Didier Lallement, paid tribute to him with a round of applause. This standing ovation had stopped suffocating shout “shame!” by some selected environmental activists current – ecologists are part of the municipal majority.

“In July, elected environmental activists were targeted to ask for Girard’s resignation. Since then, action has been taken and justice has been done in the case. Our majority must be exemplary: Girard can no longer be a part of it,” he said on Tuesday.i and tweet David Belliard (EELV), Mayor of Paris.

Investigators interviewed Christophe Girard in March. The latter was general secretary of the House of Yves Saint Laurent between 1986 and 1987, while the structure had provided financial support to Gabriel Matzneff in the 1980s, according to several accounts.

The author is targeting an investigation into “rape of minors” opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office following the publication in January of Vanessa Springora’s autobiographical novel. In it, she describes the emotional relationship she had with the author when she was a minor.

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