Donald Trump to activate the UN procedure to restore sanctions against Iran

The US president said on Wednesday that he had ordered his secretary of state to inform the UN Security Council of the US intention to restore international sanctions against Tehran through a so-called “snapback” mechanism, suspended as part of the 2015 agreement on the Iranian nuclear program .

Donald Trump announced on Wednesday, August 19, that the United States would activate a controversial procedure at the UN to restore all international sanctions against Iran.

“Today, I asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to inform the UN Security Council that the United States intends to reintroduce virtually all UN sanctions against Iran that had been suspended until then.” claimed the US president.

The US State Department has also stated that Mike Pompeo will travel to New York on Thursday and Friday to inform the Security Council of the start of the so-called “snapback” procedure, a mechanism built into the 2015 agreement that allows for a return. automatically to the prevailing international sanctions regime against Tehran.

Against a rejection by the Security Council?

However, most of the other members of the council deny that Washington has the authority to activate this process, since Donald Trump left this agreement in 2018.

In fact, the argument in which he claims to be a “participant” in an agreement whose door has been slammed is not among the European allies in Washington who are trying to save the text that they still consider essential. to avoid a nuclear weapon Iran. “We do not believe that the United States has a legal right to activate ‘snapback'”, loses a French diplomatic source, who warns that the strategist will oppose the refusal of almost all members of the Security Council.

“They will pull the trigger, and nothing will come out of the weapon,” this source added. The result, according to her: no reintroduction of sanctions or an embargo, but “a lot of disorder”, “a transatlantic crime” and “a weakening of the Security Council’s authority”.

Mike Pompeo had for weeks threatened to take a “snapback” if the embargo on conventional weapons against the Islamic Republic was not extended beyond the planned end in October.

“Chaos, blood and terror”

However, the US resolution to renew this embargo met with a resounding failure last week: only two of the 15 members of the Security Council voted in favor, while China and Russia opposed it and 11 other countries, including France, Britain and Germany abstained.

The Republican billionaire again described as “catastrophic” the text that would prevent Tehran from acquiring the atomic bomb and believing it was “the product of the failure of foreign policy” for his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden, who will meet him in November in the race for the White House.

According to the Trump administration, the abolition of sanctions decided in 2015 in exchange for Iranian nuclear commitments has enabled the Islamic Republic to rake in tens of billions of dollars used to spread “chaos, blood and terror” in the country. Middle East and around the world.

“In the first month after my victory in the election, Iran will come and ask us for an agreement very quickly because they are not doing very well,” Donald Trump assured at a press conference.

The United States has already reintroduced and even tightened its own bilateral sanctions against Tehran. In response, Iran began to withdraw from the agreement, in particular by increasing its stockpile of enriched uranium.

With AFP and Reuters