In Mali, Colonel Assimi Goita declares to be in charge of the junta

Malian officer Assimi Goita himself is announced on Wednesday, the head of the junta, the day after the coup that overthrew President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and his prime minister. The Colonel confirmed from the Ministry of Defense its desire to ensure “continuity in government services”.

“Mali no longer has the right to make mistakes.” Surrounded by armed soldiers, Colonel Assimi Goita presented the head of the junta on Wednesday, August 19, the day after the coup that overthrew President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and his prime minister. “Let me introduce myself: I am Colonel Assimi Goita, chair of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP),” he told reporters in the late afternoon.

“Mali is in a situation of socio-political and security crisis. We no longer have the right to make mistakes. We, by making this intervention yesterday, put the country above (everything), Mali first,” he said. The officer appeared on television overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday when a group of soldiers announced the establishment of the CNSP, but he did not speak.

Colonel Goita spoke for the first time on Wednesday after a meeting with senior officials at the Ministry of Defense headquarters. “It was my duty to meet with the various Secretaries-General so that we could assure them of our support in relation to the continuity of civil service,” he explained. “After yesterday’s event that resulted in the change of power, it was our duty to give our position to these Secretaries-General so that they can work,” he continued.

“We care about the stability of the country”

During a press conference earlier in the afternoon, CNSP President Colonel Ismaël Wagué called on Malaysians to “make their business free” and “resume their activities in a healthy way”. He also called for “immediate cessation of vandalism and destruction of public buildings” and promised to take “all measures” against “any wearer of a uniform that will be taken into account”.

“We are not concerned about power but we are concerned about the stability of the country which allows us to hold general elections within a reasonably agreed time frame to enable Mali to equip itself with strong institutions that can manage our daily lives and restore confidence. between the government and ruled, “he continued.

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The coup plots are under pressure from the international community. The African Union on Wednesday announced the suspension of Mali from the organization “until the restoration of a constitutional order”, while the UN Security Council called on mutineers to “return without delay to their barracks” and to “immediately” release all the arrested leaders. French President Emmanuel Macron also reacted to the evening, saying that “the fight against terrorist groups and the defense of democracy and the” rule of law are inseparable “.

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