Joe Biden officially invested in screenshots

During a second night of virtual conferences, Democrats officially nominated Joe Biden as their presidential candidate in November against Donald Trump.

It’s official: Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for the 2020 US presidential election.

If the result of the vote is not a surprise, the format is new. Instead of swinging at the microphone in a crowded room and shouting the name of their candidate, the representatives of each US state and territory spoke in turn in short, more or less homemade videos.

An invitation to travel for viewers and Internet users who have admired the Iowa fields, the blue waters of Hawaii, and the beaches of California. This sequence of mini-clips has sometimes turned into a blower, with the sound of the wind in the microphones, speakers not finding the camera or small cries of enthusiasm for the forced. Special mention for Rhode Island, a coastal state where a chef proudly presented, statically, a dish of fried squid on display.

The traditional release of balloons has not been forgotten: after the vote, Joe Biden, surrounded by his wife and their relatives in the library at a high school in Delaware, was able to express his gratitude: “Thank you so much, from my heart,” he said before putting the mask back .

Bill Clinton, key guest

The rest of the evening, often monotonous, was intensified by the intervention of some important personalities. Former President Bill Clinton, 73, condemned the lack of leadership – that was the theme of the day – for Donald Trump: “In a time like this, the Oval Office must be a center of leadership. Instead, it is a center of storm. There is only chaos,” he said in a pre-recorded video. “One thing never changes: (Trump’s) determination to deny responsibility and turn the blame around,” he added.


Another very popular former president, Jimmy Carter, 95, praised the experience, personality and decency “of Joe Biden” as he brought us together and restored the greatness of the United States. “

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young left-wing Democrat star, had just one minute to speak. She appealed for the reason of the socialist Bernie Sanders – that is the tradition, even if the vote fell between the two final competitors to the primary – and especially the progressive movement that is rising in the country.

New hand extended to Republicans

However, the organizers of the convention decided to continue reaching out to anti-Trump conservatives. As an echo of Republican John Kasich’s presence the day before, it was former Secretary of State George W. Bush, Colin Powell, who offered his support to Joe Biden on Tuesday night. “Our country needs a chief of staff who takes care of his soldiers and his family,” who “does not give in to the flattery of dictators,” and who “restores US leadership in the world,” he said. he shouted.

Joe Biden also received a message of support from Cindy McCain, the widow of Republican Senator John McCain, who died in 2018. This Vietnam War hero was hated by Donald Trump.

The last words were spoken by Jill Biden, future aspirant “First Lady”. Live from his old classroom in Wilmington, Delaware, this ex-English teacher praised her husband’s qualities. “How do you reunite a broken family? In the same way you unite a nation,” she said. “With love and understanding and with small gestures of kindness. With courage. With unwavering faith.”

On Wednesday, all eyes will be on Kamala Harris, the senator elected by Joe Biden to accompany him to the White House if elected. On Thursday, it is the Democratic candidate himself who will accept his nomination and end this convention unlike others.