Juninho, Karl Toko-Ekambi, Pavard … all reactions after Olympic Bayern

Find all the reactions from the main characters after the semifinal C1 between the Olympics and Bavaria.

Juninho (Olympic Sports Director at RMC Sport): “We’re all sorry. Losing half is not easy. We go out with our heads held high, I’m proud of the players and the staff. We had our plan and we stuck to it, but to beat such a team you have to take chances. If we had made one of the two chances at the beginning of the match … We are very sorry because we will not play in the European Cup next season. We saw the joy in Lyon and we thank them. I now wish PSG good luck and I hope they will play a great match to show that Ligue 1 is at a good level.

We started this match well, we have two, three chances and we have to put one. Behind them started badly and relied on individuality with this strike from Gnabry, unstoppable. We did the right thing, but we played world-class players. Now we have to turn to Ligue 1 because that is what allows us to go to the Champions League. We have to get to work, but if we continue like this, we will find her quickly.

The future of players without Europe? You get paid, you are well paid, it is Ligue 1 that pays you for motivation, it is owed to Nîmes or Bastia. There will be departures. I have not decided who will leave but it is true that when you play big games in the Champions League, you are necessarily more sought after as Moussa, Houssem or even Memphis. We have the base and we have to get back to work from the next training session to give everything in the championship. “

Karl Toko-Ekambi (Olympic striker at RMC Sport): “In the locker room we told ourselves that we could have done better, that we missed opportunities, I first. Bayern was not unbeatable because we had the opportunities. We played well but we knew it was a great team. The first goal hurt us “but we kept playing. There are nights with and nights without and that was the case today. We have to keep the same state of mind because we in the league will not play Bayern Munich every weekend. But we have to keep this cupanda in Ligue 1.”

Benjamin Pavard (Bayern Munich defender at RMC Sport): “I’m fine, my ankle is fine. I’m three weeks premature and my goal was to be with the group. I took on the Champions League music during my rehabilitation. It’s nice, c It’s a dream to play this competition and even more to play a final.It’s against Paris so I’m glad it’s against a French club but Sunday, it does not count.

We knew Lyon would wait and block, that was what they did but luckily they did not get points. We play loud so that we necessarily leave space behind but we warned and if the Olympics were there, it was not for nothing. We will keep the positive, we won and we will prepare for the final. There will be two fantastic teams in the final but we are calm, no one scares us. How do I block Mbappé and Neymar? It is difficult, because it is a very complete team. We had a fantastic season and we have to do it with this title. We are Bayern Munich. “

Anthony Lopes (Olympic goalkeeper at RMC Sport): “I think we can regret the first quarter when we can lead 2-0. In this type of game we pay it in cash because we knew we would not have 50 chances. Fell on a big team but we believed in it until the end.They put us in trouble on the sides.They managed to put us in trouble on our wingers who climb.We kept on but it bursts after a moment.

We will not let go of what we have managed to create, this group can be proud. You have to keep everything that is good to have a great championship and show the same face as here in Lisbon. It is this mentality that is needed against large or less prestigious teams. If we keep it, we can go very far in the championship, but now we have to see what happens in the future with departures and so on. But we must keep this state of mind. “

Rudi Garcia (Olympic coach at RMC): “We can be proud of our course and our match but yes, it is the disappointment that dominates. We lacked success because we have to lead the points and finally we are led. We have this feeling of injustice that has burdened us a little. At 2-0, it is complicated even if we did not give up during the second period. We knew that they would be very high and that we had to use spaces behind our backs, as was the case with Memphis and Charles. What we did not do well in the first half was to use the ball and move them to the side. We did much better in the second place. When you do not score, you can not qualify.

We believed in this final and the match showed it. When we had the chance, we saw that Bayern Munich were not cramped. The points do not reflect the match. You have to get back to the championship fast and that’s what I’m afraid of because it’s happening very fast. But we have to get back on track because we’re just playing the championship. We know that it will be different and that the playing field will be different. We have to master our matches from now on. With the course we have taken, some players have emerged, but if I were a coach I would not have waited to place myself on them. “

Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich forward at RMC Sport): “The work is not finished, if we do not win it, it has been for nothing. We were not surprised, we knew they had qualities and played on them. Luckily they did not get points and we got after. The score is a bit difficult for them. Lyon waited but we played Barça who have the ball and PSG, it will be the same. We have our physiognomy, we do not adapt to the opposite. A dream poster for me? It’s a nice poster, I hope we will win. Sunday there will be no Paris, I am 100% with Bayern Munich. “