Series of traffic accidents marked “Islamist attack” in Germany

On Wednesday, German authorities investigated the motives of a man behind several accidents on a motorway in Berlin. The indictment spoke of an “Islamist attack”, led by a man of Iraqi nationality.

Islamist attack or maniac of a maniac? German investigators tried on Wednesday, August 19, to penetrate the personality of the man at the origin of a series of accidents, Tuesday night, on the highway that crosses Berlin. Six people were injured, three of them seriously, when the 30-year-old Iraqi man hit several other cars and motorcycles with his vehicle.

“In our current knowledge, this is an Islamist attack“, this spokesman explained and specified that the suspect, 30 years old and of Iraqi nationality, may also have psychological disorders.

According to testimonies collected by German media, the suspect got out of his car and shouted “Allah Akbar” (“God is the greatest”) and threatened to blow up an explosive device.

He was quickly arrested by the German police, who checked the contents of a suspicious box – which turned out to be a simple toolbox.

The German authorities are vigilant regarding the Islamist threat to the country, especially since a truck attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group that killed 12 people in December 2016 in Berlin.

With Reuters and AFP