The duo Gnabry – Lewandowski are more productive than Ronaldo and Bale

With support from Germany and a late goal from Poland, Bayern Munich duo Ronaldo – Bale duo broke the record with 24 goals.

Robert Lewandowski and Serge Gnabry passed Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale and set a new Champions League record with 24 goals between them.

Gnabry made an assist in the first half of Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final, which hit the head of the dominant Lyonnais in the first twenty minutes.

With this support, Gnabry has now scored nine goals in European competition, after his four goals against Tottenham and two more against Chelsea. Only Mario Gomez is the German who has scored the most goals in a Champions League season with 12 goals in 2011–2012.

Clumsy on Gnabry’s second goal, Lewandowski still participated in the game by finishing Olympique Lyonnnais in the 88th minute. His headline leads to a total of 15 goals and allows his duo with Gnabry to erase Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale who had scored 23 goals together in 2013

Lewandowski added his own goal late in the match and returned home from a free kick in the 88th minute to almost seal Bayern’s place in the final.

Gnabry and Lewandowski were Bayern’s two best goals, and the pair now scored 24 goals in the competition.

The 24 goals saw the duo take Ronaldo and Bale, who shot 23 between them in the 2013-14 Champions League campaign.

With 41 goals in the Champions League 2019-2020, Bayern Munich is the fourth most profiled team in C1’s history with FC Barcelona 99-00 (45), Real Madrid 13-14 and Liverpool. 17-18 (41). All with two fewer matches in anticipation of the final against PSG.