Zinedine Zidane praises Neymar – Mbappé duo

The Real Madrid coach praised PSG’s historic performance and did not hide his admiration for NeoMar – the Mbappé duo.

Zinedine Zidane has been on holiday for just over a week. Blame it on an elimination from the knockout stages of the Champions League against Manchester City. The Real Madrid coach therefore had plenty of time to enjoy the Final 8 in Lisbon.

If he had preferred to be present in Portugal, Zidane could observe the performances of PSG, who were in a group at the Madrid club during the group stage. And like all observers, the 98 world champion could not miss the tandem Neymar – Mbappé.

“What highlights is the difference they manage to make on the pitch. You watch the game against Atalanta, it shows. At one point you end up with a player who manages to achieve things. From each other, and that makes the difference, he declared to Paris the inauguration of his academy “Zidane Five Club”. It was seen when Mbappé came back to school. Neymar was very good throughout the game. We talked about his latest move, but he was so ubiquitous during the meeting. And then this duo is easy when they play together. They are two very, very good players who sometimes make astonishing differences. “

Two players that the Madrid coach would have liked to have under his command in the Spanish capital.