Ibra, Pastore … Thiago Silva pays tribute to former Parisians

Thiago Silva paid tribute to former PSG players before challenging Bayern Munich in the C1 final.

Finally ! The PSG project seems to be aging. The Parisian club is approaching the continental grail: winning the Champions League.

Prohibition on wearing a PSG shirt in Marseille on Sunday

The French champion meets Bayern Munich, German champions on Sunday, in the C1 final. A historic match for the Parisians and their captain Thiago Silva.

With great elegance, the latter wanted to pay tribute to previous generations of players who led Paris to where it is today, ie in the industry of urgency.

“I feel happy, first of all and very honored to have been part of this team, to have contributed to the development of the team. I came here during the 2012-2013 season and the new owners had great ambitions. We had great disappointments and real moments of happiness.We had a lot of pressure to be leaders, with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in particular.And if we made it to this final, and that we want to enjoy, we must also congratulate the players who came first, like Pastore, Ibra , Maxwell, Sirigu … They helped build the team again, and if we get there we have to look back and also thank them “, the Paris captain indicated on the official website of his club.

“But I’m very grateful, I’ll be grateful all my life for everything I’ve been through here. And I want to keep writing history. We’ve already made history by reaching the semifinals after 25 years. … And now, for to reach a final that we dreamed of, for which we have worked so hard, we are really happy, we do not want to be happy with it “, added Thiago Silva, who will be on contract at PSG after Final 8.