In Lebanon, Tripoli port takes over after the explosions in Beirut

The port of Tripoli, 80 kilometers north of Beirut, has been called upon to temporarily replace the Lebanese capital, destroyed on August 4 by deadly explosions. Report from France 24 Special Envoys.

The Tripoli port infrastructure, 80 kilometers north of Beirut, has been under pressure since the August 4 explosions in the Lebanese capital. Maintaining the flow of maritime transport is crucial in a country like Lebanon, which imports 85% of its food.

Many ships bound for Beirut have been diverted to the port of Tripoli, which now has to adapt to an exponential increase in activity. Extension work in progress.

“In this area here we will build silos. The storage capacity will be 100,000 or even 200,000 tonnes,” explains the head of the port of Tripoli, Ahmed Tamer.

On the bridges, workers hope that this influx of activity will increase Tripoli, one of the poorest cities in Lebanon.

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