Arteta: “Arsenal have enormous potential, no boundaries”

The Spaniard, who is preparing for his first full season at the helm, believes that progress has been made since his arrival.

Mikel Arteta claims that Arsenal have “enormous potential “ and “no limit”, with the Spaniard encouraged by the progress made at the Emirates Stadium during the first months of his reign. A well-known face returned to the North London club in December 2019 when the Gunners tried to find a significant new figure to occupy the sideline. With the departure of Arsène Wenger and Unai Emery, who fought as the Frenchman’s successor, one of the Premier League’s Big Six members was raising his head.

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Mikel Arteta won the FA Cup, thus validating a European qualification, while efforts are currently being made to update a team in need of a serious facelift – with the arrival of an experienced Brazilian striker, Willian already. Arsenal fans dare to dream once again, with a side that has struggled to be consistent for several years, of a comeback in the right direction. Asked by Arsenal Digital about how he has changed things and his hopes for the future, Arteta said: “The first was that I gathered everyone, the staff and the players, and I told them what I thought about it and why it did not work. If we continued like this, it would never work.

“The first thing we had to do was come back with the same agenda and the same intentions. The foundations have to be really strong to create something and we started doing it. I explained my vision of how we could do it, we could change things. and monitor them daily, but we started applying certain things and they really started to work“, the Spaniard added.

“We are dependent on ourselves, not on our opponents”

Mikel Arteta is pleased with the direction the Gunners have taken: “We had to create the right culture for our club and it must be an environment where everyone must respect each other first and foremost, that we must work together and we must express the passion and happiness we must be. where we are. This is the first to start. Without this unit, we can not run this massive ship that we have to deal with at Arsenal and the expectations that come with the club. The moment we started doing this, I started to change some things that were really relevant to me. The players followed them, the staff supported them and we started to see results immediately. “

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“In addition, we must identify our weaknesses and our strengths and they must be aware of our weaknesses. We may have weaknesses that we must hide but we can not have weaknesses within our club structure. We must maximize our strengths, which we have a lot, and at at that time I did not think we did this. We have huge potential, we have no boundaries, it depends on us, not on opponents or other clubs. It depends on our statistics and it was something that needs to change, so that was what I pressed to do all the time“concluded the former Manchester City deputy

Arsenal have revealed their Premier League schedule for the 2020-2021 season. The Gunners start the season at Community Shield, where they will face the reigning English champions Liverpool on 29 August and open their new Premier League campaign with a trip to a neighbor in London, their rival Fulham on 12 September. .