Beckenbauer: “PSG have no weaknesses”

Former German coach and player Franz Beckenbauer believes that PSG have no weakness in their ranks.

Franz Beckenbauer sees no weaknesses in PSG ahead of the duel against Bayern Munich. To him, the Parisian club is “a hell of a good team”.

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“It will be the toughest match of this Champions League season. I will not find any weak points with them and I expect a very close match,” he said in an interview with the Bayern website.

The German football legend hopes to see a spectacular match: “I hope the two teams do not hide too much and do not allow respect for the opponent to grow too much. They have to play as they usually do: refreshing, happy and enterprising. In that case, we expect a nice final. “

Beckenbauer believes that Bayern will need success: “It is a match at the same level. I would say it’s 50:50. Sometimes you also need a little success. If Bayern have it, they will win the match “.