Bordeaux – Nantes 0-0, Ligue 1 starts with a goalless draw

Bordeaux challenged Nantes to open the championship this Friday. A first lift that did not really keep its promises (0-0).

Bordeaux challenged Nantes at the opening of the first day of Ligue 1 2020-2021. A meeting planned instead of Marseille – ASSE, was moved due to the case of Covid_19 at OM. And we can not say that we won in the exchange.

The first possibility was Girondine with a counter that De Préville warned Zerkane who served Hwang who ended up with Girotto. For his first match in L1, Zerkane will then be sent without warning by Mr. Bastien (20th minute). Bordeaux were then reduced to ten for the rest of the match.

After the half-hour mark, Simon Costil called for the first shot of the match. The Girondins would still be dangerous before the break, but nothing was marked at the break.

Shortly after the break, the Spanish newcomer from Nantes Pedro Chirivella made a right attempt that went right past the skylight. The meeting lacked opportunities. A quarter of an hour from the end, Koscielny was hit in the head during a flight duel with Chirivella and resumed play with his head bandaged. A rare fact in this meeting.

The match continued, but no team could take advantage, despite Nantes’ numerical superiority. 0-0, final result, league 1 2020-2021 starts with a somewhat unsurpassed draw.