First move to France of 16 unaccompanied minors living in Greece

Sixteen unaccompanied minors will live in France on Friday as part of a European program to relocate 1,600 children living in Greece, the Greek Ministry of Migration said. Paris has promised to “accommodate a total of 350 children” living in Greece.

This is the first group and more should follow. On Friday 21 August, sixteen unaccompanied minors left Greece to be accommodated in France as part of a European relocation program for 1,600 children living in the country.

France has promised to “house a total of 350 children” living in Greece. The destination for this first group is the city of Rennes in western France, says a source.

According to the same source, another group of 33 minors will leave Greece on Monday: 28 will come to Nantes and five to Brest.

Last year, the Greek government decided in cooperation with its European partners, the “No child alone” relocation program is part of a program to protect unaccompanied minors who are victims of “exploitation and crime”.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the program did not begin until April with the departure of 12 children to Luxembourg, followed by a second group of 50 minors hosted in Germany.

By early July, a group of 25 minor migrants had moved to Finland and another with the same number to Portugal, a country that has promised to accommodate a total of 500 children.

The relocation program aims to help Greece deal with around 5,000 unaccompanied children, the vast majority of whom live in unsanitary conditions or in unsuitable housing for children.

In addition, France must also accommodate about 400 asylum seekers from Greece, but no transfer has yet been organized for these people.