In the face of coronavirus infections, the King of Morocco is increasing for good citizenship

While the media criticizes the handling of the health crisis, Mohammed VI expressed his concern on Thursday in a “difficult” situation in Morocco and urged citizens to be more aware of the citizens in order to avoid recapture of the country.

With more than a thousand daily cases since the beginning of August, pollution with the new coronavirus in Morocco is increasing concern and criticism in local media about the management of the health crisis. More than 46,000 Moroccans have been infected by the virus and 743 have died from it, according to the latest report from Wednesday.

“Morocco under heavy pressure”, “Infernal spiral”, “Fear of cities”, “Government goes on like this” … Under shocking headlines, the press points to a relaxation in terms of preventive measures, several failures in patient care, the authorities’ communication deficit or the contradictions in a global strategy that is largely delegated to security officers.

On Thursday night, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, himself expressed his concern over a “difficult” situation by urging citizens to be more citizens to avoid refinancing the country. “In the absence of careful and responsible compliance with health instructions, the number of contaminants and deaths will increase,” the monarch warned in an official speech, stressing that from then on “hospitals would no longer be able to cope with the pandemic”.


To counter the pandemic, the authorities have intensified restrictive measures in recent days with the deployment of armored vehicles, roadblocks and control patrols. Casablanca and Marrakech, Morocco’s economic and tourist cities, returned to a form of severe prison on Thursday. In several cities, including Rabat and Tangier, neighbors affected by infectious outbreaks have been shut down, several beaches invaded by crowds in search of freshness have been closed.

In Casablanca, “the situation is deteriorating day by day”, the semi-official 360-place noted on Wednesday, highlighting “the insane number of cases discovered after death”.

In Marrakech, activists and health workers launched two hashtags (#Sauvez_Marrakech and # Marrakech_étouffe) to warn of the city’s deplorable health situation and the economic collapse linked to the tourist deficit since the border was closed.

“Lack of human resources”

Under fire from critics, the Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb, rushed to the scene on Wednesday night. He promised to “rationalize hospital structures” and “restructure” the care of infected patients, according to the official MAP agency.

If the authorities have increased the number of intensive care beds to 3,000 and acquired lots of artificial respiratory protection, the website Médias24 points to the “lack of human resources”, with only 200 anesthetics in the public sector.

The daily praise given by the local media at the beginning of the pandemic has been followed by riots of criticism. Thus, a mess on the sheets of medical staff, who are authorized to be absent and then called back quickly, has caused a lot of ink to flow.

The mistrust is such that Internet users doubt the reality of the official pollution figures. Some are not tested for fear of being hospitalized or losing their jobs, but others fail to be tested, according to reports.

With AFP