Inter sends Conte a message to his players: “Go on the field and write history!”

The Italian team’s journey to the Europa League final will quickly be forgotten if they do not lift the trophy.

Antonio Conte has supported Inter to “make his mark in history” by dropping Sevilla in the Europa League final. With a warning to his players, the Italian coach said that the excitement surrounding their trip to the final would soon be forgotten if they failed to win the trophy. Although the former Juventus coach is well aware that his side will face the Europa League specialist, who won the competition three years in a row from 2014 to 2016, he is confident that Inter can win in Cologne.

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Conte told a news conference ahead of Friday’s game that Inter would not be afraid of the opposition, saying his side had become “more courageous” during the first season of its term. “I have participated in several finals in my playing career “, said the former star Juventus and Italy. “I won some of these matches, but I also lost several finals. What I realized is that people only remember when you won the final. I won the Champions League. But I lost three more in the final. Those who make history are the ones who win the matches and the trophies. “

Inter crushed Shakhtar Donetsk 5-0 in Monday’s semi-final, giving themselves the chance to face a Sevilla side who have battled Manchester United: “We must be proud to have reached a European final for the first time in ten years”, in Conte. “But the story is written by the winners, the winners. History will ultimately only record the team that wins the Europa League this season. It’s a shame, but it’s also an extra motivation for us. “

Conte, three-time Serie A champion as coach of Juve and Premier League winner with Chelsea, said he accepted the job at Inter just because he felt there was a chance to win trophies. He stressed that he must always ensure that there is a successful air before taking a job, even if it is only a 1% opportunity. Now the chance of a first trophy at Inter is much greater.

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All the players, the staff, the kitman, the fieldmen, everyone has this feeling and this percentage has only increased day by day, because the players are very willing to work hard.“sa Conte. “They really want to improve. They want to move on this season and achieve something. Credit goes to the players and my opinion has grown day by day and worked with these players. Everyone has bought into the work we have done and become more courageous throughout. “The more courageous we have become, the greater the chance we have of winning a big trophy like the Europa League. We must seize that opportunity.”

Asked about the potential fear factor facing a team like Sevilla, Conte said: “I do not use the word “fear”. I do not want my players to keep that in mind either. We really judge the opposition and we evaluate their history in this competition. With that said, if we managed to reach the final, it’s because we also have our strengths and we will try to play with our strengths. “.