Joe Biden poses as a guarantor of US values

White House candidate Joe Biden formally accepted the Democratic nomination on Thursday night. This last virtual conference night focused on the personality and values ​​of the Septuagenarian who wants to be the standard bearer of an America that was finally reunited.

After four days of virtual conference, the Democrats were still entitled to their fireworks, Thursday, August 20th. They were pulled from a parking lot in Wilmington, Delaware, where the public could follow in driveway mode, each in his own car, Joe Biden accepted the party’s nomination. The White House candidate even pointed the tip of his mask at a platform currently installed, along with his wife Jill and his running mate Kamala Harris.

During his speech, a few minutes earlier, he presented himself as a guarantor of America’s values: “Character, compassion, decency, science, democracy, all of this is at stake,” he said. he warned. Without ever uttering the name of his rival Donald Trump, Joe Biden demanded unity to “overcome a dark era”. “There is too much anger, too much fear, too much division,” he lamented.


The former vice president attacked the Republican leadership, according to him not according to “four historical crises at the same time”: health, economic, race and climate. He also tried to pose as chief of staff: “The time for flirting with dictators is over,” he warned.


“I will be an American president”

Without going into the details of his program – that is not really the subject of such a speech – the Septuagan has promised to represent all his citizens without exception. “Even though I am a Democratic candidate, I will be an American president,” he assured, eager to attract votes in the progressive camp as in the central camp.

During the two hours leading up to this speech, which was more controlled than many feared, the focus was on the candidate’s personality. “Joe is empathetic, he’s honest, he’s a decent man and right now in American history, my god, that’s what our country absolutely needs,” said Bernie Sanders, his socialist rival during the premieres.

As if to counter the attacks of Donald Trump, who had recently claimed that Joe Biden was “against God”, the party tried to paint a portrait of a believing man. Coming from a Catholic family from Ireland, he would be the second American president in this denomination, after John F. Kennedy, if he elected in November.

Stuttering and sacrifice

“Joe Biden goes to church so often that he does not even need tear gas or federal troops to help him get there,” said the evening’s mistress, actress Julia. Louis-Dreyfus, known for his role as sassy vice president of the “Veep” series. A thinly veiled reference to the moment when Donald Trump violently chased anti-racist protesters from the White House in June to go to a church, an inverted Bible in hand.

The performance of Julia Louis-Dreyfus lit up an evening that is often marked by heavy moments. Like the moving intervention of this young boy who told how Joe Biden helped him control his tribe by reading poems aloud. The candidate suffered – and still sometimes seems to suffer – from the same speech problem. Joe Biden “told me we belong to the same club: we stutter. It was really great to hear someone like him become vice president.”

The evening was also an opportunity to discuss the great dramas of the candidate’s life: death, by his first wife Neilia and his daughter Naomi, then a baby, then his son Beau, who died. to cancer 2015. Painful experiences that enabled Joe Biden to give a heartwarming message to the families of Covid-19 victims. “I understand that it’s hard to have hope right now. I know how it feels to lose someone you love,” he said, adding that his loved ones were “always with him” and that these attempts had made it possible for him to find a purpose in his life.

His goal today is the Oval Office. “The end of this dark chapter in America begins here tonight,” he explained. “It’s a battle for the soul of this nation,” summed up Pete Buttigieg, a former primary candidate before him, taking up what has become Joe Biden’s unofficial campaign slogan. After spending months emphasizing this soul and these values, the White House suitors have ten weeks left to convince voters, this time by formulating concrete proposals.