Lebanon is configuring itself to alleviate overwhelmed hospitals

A restraining order with a curfew was decided on Friday in Lebanon for more than two weeks to reduce the pressure on hospitals already overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients and those injured from the deadly double explosion of the Port of Beirut. Reportage.

Lebanon reconfigured its population on Friday, August 21, to deal with a significant increase in cases of Covid-19 infection, in a context marked by the damage from the August 4 explosions.

Collapsed roofs, broken windows … Half of Beirut’s hospitals were demolished by the double explosion in the port of Beirut. There is no longer room in intensive care for potentially serious patients with coronavirus.

The special envoys from France 24 gathered testimonies about the inhabitants of the Lebanese capital in anger.

“What do you want me to do? That I sit empty at home? We no longer have a house! There is nothing, everything is destroyed. I would rather die of coronavirus, it’s better,” exclaims a resident of the district Mar Mikhael.

This reconstruction, which is scheduled to last until September 7, does not apply to the areas affected by the deadly explosion, where the clean-up, reconstruction and support for the population can continue.

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