Libya: ceasefire announcement by rival authorities

On the front page of the Journal de Afrique, a surprise announcement by the two rival parties in Libya: the end of the fighting and the electoral organization. This agreement comes because tensions were high between Ankara, which supports Fayez al-Sarraj’s GNA forces, and Cairo, pro-marshal Haftar. The explanations in this magazine.

In summary, the unrest is in Sénagal, where almost 3,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate are blocked in the port of Dakar. The goods were to be transported to Mali, a destination that is now unthinkable due to the coup. While the explosion in Beirut is still in everyone’s minds, residents express their fear of the microphone of our correspondent.

In Gabon, it is the controversy in full investigation of the baccalaureate. The Ministry of Education has dismantled a smuggling network of fake report cards. Teachers but also students have been suspended. Sanctions that are not unanimous.

Finally, in Morocco, COVID-19 is not the only cause of one of the worst economic crises of the last twenty years. Another plague rages: drought. The high temperatures and lack of rain seriously affected the grain production. The countryside and small farmers are the most important victims. Reportage.