After a year of inactivity, Arjen Robben is back on the field

However, the Dutchman is not yet 100%.

In 2019, Arjen Robben ended his career after playing for ten years at Bayern Munich. But the Dutch’s passion for football is stronger than anything, he decided to put on his steps and joined in June 2020 with FC Groningen, his training club (he arrived there in 1996 at the age of 12) years and left him in 2002 after two seasons in Eredivisie).

And on Saturday, Robben finally played again by participating in his team’s friendly against Almere. Of course, at 36 years old and after a year without playing, Robben was a bit rusty (he had also given up playing the previous friendly match in his team) and contented himself with playing the first half hour like that. planned by his coach before the match.

“I’m glad I was able to find the reasons”, the player said after the meeting.

On the first day of the Eredivisie, which is planned for 12 September, there is still some time for Arjen Robben to be at 100% of his funds.