Neymar: “Winning the Champions League with PSG would be historic”

This was the reason for his arrival at the main club in the summer of 2017. Excellent in this Final 8, Neymar hopes to win C1 with PSG.

Neymar has a fantastic opportunity to make Paris Saint-Germain history this Sunday, with the Champions League final against Bayern Munich. Brazilian goal after his arrival in the French capital in the summer of 2017.

“Winning the Champions League is something very special, I know that, he assured in an interview with the Daily Star ahead of the big meeting. But winning it with PSG would be historic, and that’s exactly what I came here to do. “

To get there, the Parisians especially eliminated RB Leizpig on Tuesday in the semifinals. “We had a nice performance in the semifinals, but no one remembers the winner of the semifinals”, Neymar tempts again, determined to shine again against the German champions: “I feel like I’m playing at my best.”

And to conclude, regarding the possible final victory: “This is where we want to be. The owners of the club have a big plan and part of that project is to put the club on the roof of Europe. We have never been closer to getting there, but we have to stay focused.”