Russian opponent Alexei Navalny was transferred to hospital in Germany

The medical plane carrying Russian main opponent Alexei Navalny, in a coma after what his entourage claims to be “poisoning”, flew on Saturday morning from the Siberian city of Omsk to Germany, where he must be treated.

Alexei Navalny, who was seriously ill, was on board a medical plane on Saturday, August 22, transporting him to Germany for treatment, after which the political allies of the Russian opposition accused Moscow of having to prevent his evacuation.

“Thank you all for your perseverance. Without your support, we would not have been able to take him!”, Thanked on Instagram the opponent’s wife, Yulia Navalnaïa, who accompanies him on the flight and posted a photo of her husband’s boat boarding the plane.

“The plane with Alexei flew to Berlin. Many thanks to everyone for your support. The fight for Alexei’s life and health has just begun, and there are still many attempts to undergo, but now at least the first step has been taken,” said spokeswoman Kira Iarmych on Twitter.

A showdown

To assess his condition as “stable”, doctors at the Siberian hospital in Omsk announced that the Russian opponent, placed in intensive care after suspected poisoning, could be transferred to another facility in Germany. Navalny’s vital prognosis is not immediately engaged, they said, adding that the 44-year-old had been thrown into an artificial coma.

This departure comes after a day of arm wrestling between his relatives and Russian doctors about his evacuation. Earlier, the same doctor had refused his transfer, given his condition “unstable”. “It is clearly safer on board a modern plane than in the hospital in Omsk, transfer it as soon as possible,” had then appealed Leonid Volkov, the right wing of the Russian opponent, before asking the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to intervene to get his departure to Germany.

In the evening, the court asked Russia to “without delay” ensure that she, his wife and her doctor have access to his medical documents and that they can visit him.

German doctors who had been able to examine Alexei Navalny in western Siberia had ensured that they could transport him to Berlin for treatment and sent an ambulance plan there.

Alexey Navalny can finally be transferred to Germany

Suspicion of poisoning

Alexei Navalny traveled from Tomsk to Moscow by plane when he became ill. The plane had to make an emergency landing in Omsk, western Siberia.

The opponent was taken to a hospital there, placed in intensive care and connected to a ventilator. His allies said they believed he had been the victim of “intentional poisoning”.

Tests performed on Alexei Navalny in Siberia revealed no trace of poison, the deputy head of the Siberian hospital announced.

Opponents of the Kremlin, whose publications condemning the corruption of Russian elites are widely shared on social networks, Alexei Navalny has previously been the victim of physical attacks. His organization and supporters are regularly subjected to pressure and legal proceedings.

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