WTF – Willian Nascimento becomes the youngest Nike-sponsored player at 10

The little Brazilian plays futsal and only starts playing football on greens.

The information was revealed by Brazilian website Lance! : At 10 years old, Willian Nascimento became the most Nike-sponsored player!

The little boy, visibly very promising, plays futsal in Flamengo and once a month he trains on a green in “Fla” ​​to be able to become a full-fledged football player. This transition from futsal to football is expected to last until he is thirteen.

Obviously, Willian Nascimento dreams of becoming a professional football player, but we feel that he is driven by his parents (who manage his interests). All you have to do is read the press release from the young child, who is hosting a professional player, after the announcement of the signing of his contract with the comma mark: “I want to thank God, my parents, my teammates and everyone who has helped me in some way. I am very pleased with this signing. It is a very important step in my career. I’m very happy to be a Nike player. I want to achieve my goals and objectives to always improve myself and realize my dream of being a professional player. “

Time will tell if Nike had the right to sponsor this football player at such an early age.