4,877 cases detected in 24 hours, worst result since the containment was lifted

France has registered 4,877 more confirmed cases of contamination with the new coronavirus within 24 hours, the French Public Health Agency (SPF) announced on Sunday. This is the highest number of cases detected in a single day since the containment was lifted.

The indicators continue to deteriorate in France. The country has registered 4,877 further confirmed cases of Covid-19 contamination within 24 hours, Public Health France announced on Sunday 23 August. This figure marks a significant increase after that of 3,602 announced on Saturday. It is a higher in terms of daily cases detected since the end of the prison in France on 11 May.

Stable number of hospital admissions and deaths

The SPF adds that 4,709 patients with Covid-19 are currently hospitalized, two less than on Saturday, including 383 in an intensive care unit.

One death has occurred in the last 24 hours, which means that the total death toll amounts to 30,513 since the epidemic began.

SPF reports 33 outbreaks – or clusters – that are being investigated in the country.

In an interview with the Sunday Journal, the Minister for Solidarity and Health, Olivier Véran, describes “a risky situation” and fears that the acceleration of pollution among the youngest will include the elderly.

“This is not a resumption of the epidemic because it has never stopped. It was only checked during containment and then gradually discontinued. The risk is that the cover has been carefully removed from the pot and the water boils again,” he said.

With Reuters