Bayern-PSG, Teddy Riner believes in it

Judo champion Teddy Riner wants to see PSG win “one star” in the Champions League.

The two-time Olympic judo champion believes in that and absolutely wants to see PSG win the Champions League.

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“There is stress, the desire to win and finally see a star on this Parisian jersey. They deserve it and we have been waiting for it for years. I think we have a fantastic homogeneous team that can do it. Even if it is true that there is a big Bayern in front, we have a very, very big team this year. It’s for this year! There’s nothing next year or in the near future. It’s this year. I’ve worn out my sofas too much. “I lost the stadium too much, that’s it. I have to see this cut at home,” said Teddy Riner.

“I’m just sending a message of support and the idea that we must not let go and make ourselves dream,” said Teddy Riner again. “I think they know what they have to do. They are the first to want to get this cup back. “We have to make ourselves dream of a good game. We are behind to encourage and support. We are all back to the wall. If we want this cup we have to give ourselves”, added the ten-time world champion in judo.