Champions League: Towards a “Final Four” in the coming seasons?

In an interview with Reuters, the UEFA president leaves the door open for a “Final Four”.

The Champions League final will be played this Sunday evening at 21 between PSG and Bayern Munich. And this edition will remain no matter what happens in the story as its format has changed along the way due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ceferin is not a fan of home teams and away matches

And UEFA President Alexander Ceferin liked the introduction of the “Final 8” very much. which he explained in an interview with Reuters : “We had to do it but discovered something new. We will therefore think about it again in the future. “

For UEFA’s chairman, a format without a return match forces teams to go ahead and give everything: “There were not many tactics. In a dry match, when a team recognizes a goal, it must react quickly. With the return system, the team can say that they will still have a game to catch up. “

A “Final Four” rather than a “Final 8”?

But Aleksander Ceferin is aware that this format will lead to the disappearance of several matches and therefore to revenue that will be collected from the media. He also reminds that an influx of supporters from eight different clubs in the same city can constitute logistical but also security problems.

In addition, the traditional format, with two-way matches from round 16 to the semi-finals, is included in the rules until the 2024-2025 season and is contractually blocked. We have to wait for the 2025-2026 season to see a new format. Discussions about a new format can, however, begin this year.

But Aleksander Ceferin loves the format of dry matches and in his interview with Reuters, if we read between the lines, he suggests holding a “Final Four” that would start from the semifinals: “Final 8” is a very interesting format. But I doubt the timeline allows us to make a new one because it would take too long. But a format with dry matches is much more exciting than the traditional format. With a new format, and it’s just a guess, we can play in a city for a week. But there is still little to think about. “