PSG-Bayern – Thomas Tuchel: “We left our hearts on the pitch”

For Thomas Tuchel, the final of the Champions League was decided in detail.

Thomas Tuchel at the microphone at RMC Sport

“It really was a struggle! I do not know if you can tell it on TV. We gave everything, we left our hearts on the ground. We can not control the result. It is a goal that makes the difference between two super strong teams. I’m very proud of how we played, our mentality. That’s all a coach can ask his players. I’m disappointed but not too much. That’s a narrow point.

I am convinced that if we score the first point, we will win the match 1-0.

We had phases where they doubted, where we were very strong. We lacked efficiency. We want Kylian and Ney to score. I’m proud Ney still had an incredible match. He showed his abilities, his mentality. It was difficult for KyKy, he had a big injury. It was a miracle that he was with us.

It is played on small details; it could have been 1-0 for us. We all showed what it takes to win the title. Happiness plays a big role. It is so. We gain more confidence with a first goal. Bayern have been very lucky in recent matches. We had opportunities. These are details, small details, it’s a defeat against one of the best teams in Europe. Coach for PSG next season? Yes, I’m a contract, I see nothing else. “