After deadly Caribbean floods, two hurricanes threaten the US coast

Hurricane Marco is on its way to Louisiana, while Storm Laura, which is expected to be a hurricane on Tuesday, is expected to hit Cuba and then Louisiana also after killing 12 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is very rare for two hurricanes to follow each other so closely in this region.

Two hurricanes could hit the US coast of the Gulf of Mexico in a few days, meteorologists said on Sunday (August 23). One, Marco, is on his way to Louisiana, the other to Cuba, storms Laura which will be a hurricane, after already killing 12 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The fact that two hurricanes follow each other so closely in the Gulf of Mexico is extremely rare, according to American media.

Storm Marco turned into a hurricane on Sunday with winds of 120 km / h expected “along part of the US Gulf Coast” in Mexico, according to the Miami-based National Hurricane Center (NHC). The hurricane is expected to “approach the southeast coast of Louisiana on Monday” and begin to weaken once it has fallen.


Laura, which caused floods in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and killed 12 people, is also expected to be a hurricane on Tuesday and could hit the same US region. “Laura is expected to travel to the central and northwestern Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday night and Wednesday,” according to the NHC.

Laura is moving fast, at 33 km / h, and is expected to reach Cuba overnight from Sunday to Monday with gusts of 110 km / h, big waves and flooding of the coast, meteorologist José Rubierta said on TV. Cuban state.

In Haiti, nine people died during the passage of Laura and two are missing, according to the latest report released by the president on Sunday afternoon. Several rivers in the country are in flood, which causes significant floods and prevents all traffic on certain major roads in the country. Authorities continue to evacuate residents along the banks of the Artibonite River, downstream of Lake Péligre Dam, in flooding due to torrential rain.


In Pétionville, a town located in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area, the damage caused by water currents rushing down from the mountains was significant. Brown water up to the knees, residents tried to save what they could from their flooded homes on Sunday, while street vendors were sad to see their wares washed away.

If the virulence of Covid-19 has so far been relatively low in Haiti, with 8,082 cases tested positive and 196 deaths officially attributed to the virus, Haitian authorities want to prevent a possible spread of the epidemic on the side of natural disasters such as. storma Laura.

In the Dominican Republic, three people were killed during storm Laura, which also caused floods and deprived one million people of electricity, according to authorities.

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