Bayer Leverkusen are aiming for Patrik Schick to replace Havertz

Close to an agreement with Chelsea for Havertz, Bayer Leverkusen have directed Patrik Schick as a replacement. A sum of 30 million euros is available

It is now only a few hours to see Kaï Havertz land in Chelsea. Despite Rudi Voller’s words, the German leader is getting closer and closer to London and Bayer Leverkusen seems to have been right. According to some Italian media, the German club has targeted the German international successor.

They have not seen so far because Bayers executives are close to reaching an agreement with AS Roma on the transfer of Patrik Schick. The Czech striker was loaned out to RB Leipzig last season where he scored 10 goals.

The semi-finalists in the Champions League would have wanted to keep him but Bayer has passed the other and should win the bet for a sum of about 30 million euros. Roma and residents of the Bundesliga have been in talks in recent hours, despite new interest from Fulham.