“Cacao”: a family saga in the brown gold world, directed by Alex Ogou in Ivory Coast

Excitement, love and betrayal … The “Cacao” series evokes the toughness of the fight between two rival families involved in cocoa production in the Ivory Coast. It’s a tough protection on the small screens of the continent. Its director, Alex Ogou is our guest.

Also on the table: cracking cocaine trade in Cameroon. The country has become a hub in the lucrative business of this hard drug and its users are also growing in number. According to the latest statistics from the National Committee for Drug Control, 21% of the country’s population has already experimented with cracks. which most often causes addiction. The “Empower Cameroon” association seeks to raise awareness of the harmful effects of drug abuse. Report from our correspondent.

Finally, we return to the discovery in Morocco of the first aquatic dinosaur known in the world: a Spinosaurus. It would have lived about 100 million years ago. The reconstruction of this set of fossils would confirm that dinosaurs could swim. Report from our correspondent.